Product information

Easy PhotoResQ is a photo and video file recovery program.

It's easy to use and very fast. After selecting the device where you want to recover files from you press the search files button and the program will immediately search for all supported file types.
While it's searching detailed information on the progress will be shown and you can see a preview of each supported image file which is found.

After the search is complete you can see thumbnails of all supported images which makes it easy to select the files you want to recover.

To increase the search speed, file types you're not interested in can be removed the search.

Supported file types

Currently the following file types are supported:

General image formats

Jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif

Raw image formats

Canon cr2, Nikon nef, Pentax pef, Olympus orf, Sony arw, Panasonic rw2, Samsung srw, dng

Video formats

Avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, mts, wmv, 3gp